A World in Making: Cities Craft Design

Deadline: 30 June 2012

Guest Editor, Suzie Attiwill is calling for papers for this on the theme of A World in Making: Cities Craft Design.

Academics, practitioners, research students and others are invited to submit research papers and critical project works. A definition of research as ‘the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings’ is reiterated here to highlight the criticality of ‘new and creative’ in relation to research and to encourage the submission of research through craft and design practice, as well as about craft and design practices situated in a world in making – ‘the century of the city’. Authors are also encouraged to consider the inclusion of visual material as research.

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Application For Young Filmmakers From Germany And Eastern Europe

Deadline: 31.10.2012

A program by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
Support is provided to authors preparing publications that focus on making Central and Eastern European issues accessible to a wide audience. The purpose of the publications is to inspire discussion and promote dialog and mutual understanding. Application deadlines: April 30 and October 31 of each year..

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DystoRpia Media exhibition

Call for Submission for media that relates to the concept of DystoRpia, and/or addresses alternatives for political, social, and economic upheaval that deals with technology. Dystorpia = { Dystopia & Utopia } + torpid.

Deadline: 21.06.2012

DystoRpia is a neologism developed by the e-fagia collective. The word dystopia is mixed with the Latin root torpere combined with the the word torpid in Spanish. DystoRpia is a critical view of society as anti-utopian community with torpid visions of a vaguely utopian root.

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DOUBLE SENSATION. Experimental Short Film Night

Deadline: 15.06.2012

Just as identity can be lost, it can also be assumed, swapped, doubled, divided or re-invented. We invite all artists to submit recent films that deal with themes of embodiment, the double, ambivalence, repetition etc. The show will be curated by Alexandra Jasper in association with Tilsiter Lichtspiele. The final selection of all films is up to the discretion of the Organiser. Only selected entrants will be officially notified by the end of June.

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Deadline: 17.06.2012

The purpose of the residence programme is to host artists and writers who have a specific project to develop in Paris. This project should preferably be carried out in partnership with a previously specified local institution or another structure, company, or artist, in Paris or the surrounding area for artists in the fields of visual or performing arts, and for writers as part of a research project. The project should be developed in Paris, in harmony with the host town and its cultural environment. This residence, which is a privileged period of reflection and creativity for the artist, will contribute to the presence and visibility of international artists in Paris

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Deadline: 08.06.2012

From 12 July through 25 August, 2012, IZOLYATSIA – Platform for Cultural Initiatives in Donetsk (Ukraine) will hold its third annual artists-in-residence program. We are now accepting proposals from artists wanting to explore the notion of moving image via the prism of a determined research theme. Artists working in all media (including performance and text) are welcome to apply. Although moving image is the starting point, final projects do not need to conform to moving-image as a form of video-art. The residency is both process-and outcome- oriented. Six artists-in-residence will work closely with the curators – Agnieszka Pindera and Victoria Ivanova – on their individual and/or collective projects and the residency will culminate in an exhibition on the IZOLYATSIA territory (in 2013).

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Generative and Algorithmic Art

Deadline: 15.09.2012

Grants to individuals / Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

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Grantmaking Focus

Architecture and related spatial practices engage a wide range of cultural, social, political, technological, environmental, and aesthetic issues. We are interested in projects that investigate the contemporary condition, expand historical perspectives, or explore the future of architecture and the designed environment.


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